Play Groups, Toddler Groups, Day Nurseries, Nursery Schools & Primary Schools.


selection of four to six BLACK & WHITE photographs will be taken of each child. Wherever possible these photos will be taken in the garden area of the nursery or school. The best shots will be machine printed on 5" x 7" matt paper and presented to the parents to take home “on trust” and view at their leisure. These “original prints” will be available for purchase, together with any orders for reprints or enlargement.


here is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the photos taken. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the “original prints” will be donated to the nursery or respective school, group etc.
If possible, children should be dressed as plainly as possible – patterns and logos seem to stand out more in black and white photography and the main emphasis of any portrait of a child should be on their faces and not their clothes!


f you are interested in having the children at your school, play group, toddler group or nursery photographed please contact Pippa.



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